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TheDesignLibrary is promoted through our extensive network of resellers so your design(s) will be featured on hundreds of DesignLibrary websites. This will lead to Enquiries for your products.

To add your product design(s) to TheDesignLibrary you need just the product design file and an image of the finished item. There is a one-off charge of £19.99 for each design you would like to feature.

To add a design, simply use the boxes below to upload your design file and image, fill in the security word and then click on proceed to details.

You will be taken to a form asking you for contact details and for information about your design.

After completing the form you can pay £19.99 directly via PayPal and your design will then be reviewed and published.

Please upload the design file for your product. There is a 500MB limit
This will appear by your product when it is displayed on TheDesignLibrary. 50MB limit. The file must be a JPG, PNG or GIF
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